Update 08.06.09

NEW SITE: http://thk-clan.co.cc/

1.) Dudes pls help Tonio to finish our new website and send him your memberpic !

2.) Now it´s time to honor our new webmaster Tonio ... awesome work dude !!!

3.) At 26th June i will close this old website (URL forwarding to the new site)


League Of Extraordinary Gentleman
"The Knights Hell" has been born in 1998 as Counter Strike Clan. With former 20 fixed members, we look to many successful Clan Wars

Call of Juarez is the latest branch of THK. We hope to build on the past and look forward to the future

Now we are a fighter community for all player in COJ

! ! ! The hell is not on earth, but lives in THE HELL KNIGHTS ! ! !

Heute waren schon 20829 visitorshier!
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